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Democratising Plastic Collection
Through Advanced Software Solutions

About Circle8

With Circle 8’s product; consumers have the power to contribute to responsible plastic waste disposal. Every minute of every day.

At Circle 8 we're revolutionising plastic waste collection, making it easier, more widespread, and inclusive for citizens and entities to participate in the process.

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional recycling systems – Circle8 empowers everyone to be part of the solution.

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Our Technology

Data for Good: Empowering Insights, Inspiring Impact

Purpose Built

Specialised suite of purpose-built SaaS products, including the C8 software platform, smart bin lids and mobile phone App.


Our cutting-edge technology is low power and cost-effective, designed to seamlessly retrofit onto current bin lids with minimal installation disruption.

Data Driven

Authenticates the plastic waste collection process - actionable insights to improve sustainability.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

We are moving from ‘Mission Impossible’ into Mission Normal’: Where Challenges Meet Solutions

Our product empowers organisations to cultivate meaningful relationships with stakeholders, including consumers, and utilise real-time data to effectively drive their ESG policies.

By prioritising the SOCIAL impact, Circle 8 enables companies to align their sustainability efforts with the needs and expectations of the community, ultimately bolstering their overall ESG performance and fostering a more comprehensive and responsible approach to business.

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for Good

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