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Empowering & Democratising Plastic Waste Disposal

About Circle8

Circle 8's disruptive technology offers a convenient, affordable and accessible solution to target the global plastic waste crisis.
Our product will foster brand-consumer connections and drive global participation in Deposit Return Systems.


Our Technology

The Circle 8 Smart Bin and Integrated Data Platform will deliver:

Secured Waste

Smart identification of waste items

Unique ultra-low powered AI system

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Real-time brand-consumer connection

Actionable data insights to improve sustainability

Advanced cyber security and privacy protection

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Positive environmental outcomes for all (ESG)

Consumers have the power

Now we can all contribute to responsible plastic waste disposal every minute of every day.

Partners &
Acceleration Programs

We are moving from
Mission Impossible into Mission Normal:
Where Challenges Meet Solutions
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for Good

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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Our product empowers organisations to cultivate meaningful relationships with stakeholders, including consumers, and utilise real-time data to effectively drive their ESG policies.

By prioritising the SOCIAL impact, Circle 8 enables companies to align their sustainability efforts with the needs and expectations of the community, ultimately bolstering their overall ESG performance and fostering a more comprehensive and responsible approach to business.

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