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Measuring the Circular Economy, an Australia Perspective

Effective measurement of the circular
economy in Australia could provide the
impetus to drive a meaningful shift in
actions and impacts across scales and
sectors. For example, measurement data
is the evidence-base needed to inform
policy, attract and direct public and private
investment and guide behaviour changes in

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How to build a circular business model that works

Approximately 33% of executives expect their industry to be disrupted by circularity start-ups that put products or materials back into the supply chain.

Businesses and executives must understand the challenges of implementing circularity at scale and devise their own models.

Traceability of goods and materials with be crucial to the success of this circularity strategy.

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NSW Circular Economy Opportunity

The circular economy opportunity in NSW is significant and critical to our future. NSW has the capacity to lead Australia in:

The innovation, processing and advanced manufacturing of valuable materials streams

Circular economy planning in its substantial infrastructure development pipeline

Demonstration projects in industrial and community circular economies

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a comprehensive statewide circular economy strategy

Circular economy performance benchmarking and tracking.

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Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the Circular Economy

The power of the 4IR can be harnessed to improve the way materials are managed and steer society away from antiquated take‑make‑waste models towards sustainable, circular solutions.
4IR solutions will not solve all challenges and requirements to move to a circular economy, but they offer a tool to make it easier and more cost effective.

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The New Plastics Economy

This report presents a compelling opportunity to increase the system effectiveness of the plastics economy, illustrated by examples from the plastic packaging value chain. The
vision of a New Plastics Economy offers a new way of thinking about plastics as an effective global material flow, aligned with the principles of the circular economy.

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